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New Fine Shirt Shop At Siam Paragon
The Message
Dear Valued Customers,

This is DULY's first e-mail to you, or it can be called our "new way" to update our customers on DULY's latest product collections, news, contents and tips about men's essentials.

Since DULY launches new products almost every month and our inventories move rather quickly, an email will be sent to you once new products are
introduced. This way, you will never miss out what's going on in our shop. If you would like to forward DULY's email to your friends, just simply click 'Send to Friend' button on the top.

This email is one of the ideas deriving from our sincere intention to add value to our services exclusively for DULY's customers. Hope you find it interesting and helpful.

Warm Regards,


"Elegance is concentrated in the shirt"
- Oscar Wilde -
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New Arrival
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DULY's Background Top
  DULY is an exclusive ready made
English style gentlemen shirt maker.

It was established in 2004 by young management team with an ambition to offer superior quality gentlemen's wear. DULY believe that excellence and quality craftsmanship does not always have to be costly therefore our motto is what we called "Affordable Luxury". We strive to provide our customers with products made from the finest materials (Finest cotton fabrics woven by the world-renowned factory in Italy) and produce with an unsurpassed dedication to quality and craftsmanship. We are proud to have all shirts locally made by the experienced craftsmen who live their life making shirts. DULY craftspeople are committed to carefully maintaining the tradition of handmade shirt making.

DULY truly understand the needs of all men to feel comfortable yet fashionably modern. Unlike other European brands, DULY puts an emphasis on the design to fit well on both Asian and European men's contour while accentuating a hint of "Traditional English Style" to reflect class and superior taste of the wearer.

Throughout these 3 years, we have been receiving a very good response and feedback from our customers who value fine dress shirts. With customers' support and encouragement, we aim to continuously improve to reach our customers' utmost satisfaction.

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New Fine Shirt Shop At Siam Paragon Top
From a British atmospherically architectural "Stand Alone Shop" on Soi Sukhumvit 49 to the second shop at Siam Paragon opened in December 2006, where its look and feel still embraces a classical European shirt boutique in a cozy-sized store as to DULY's signature concept.

When exploring into the designed details, a touch of the "European Contemporary" color and material are added into the decoration of this new shop. DULY's iconic blue is used to accent the wood texture, enhancing with copper-toned metal fabrics on the furniture to reflect the modern European decoration during 1940s. One eye-catching masterpiece is men's dressing table with genuine masculinity design. A warm oak wood display shelves contrasting with colorful shade of shirts creates a cheerful mood for shoppers. Above all, this refined store interior design is the other implying way of expressing the superb quality and style of the products being displayed.

The 2nd location was chosen to provide customers with an easy access to the shop, especially by car and sky-train. At Siam Paragon, there are ample parking spaces and while enjoy shopping at DULY's, the customers could also run other errands within the mall's facilities.


DULY Sukumvit 49 Shop (66) 2662 6647-8
DULY Siam Paragon Shop 1st Floor (66) 2610 9298-9
E-mail: info@laladuly.co.th
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